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4 spots for the perfect Lake District Break
By GirlsonTravel, September 2018
4 spots for the perfect Lake District Break

Dear Girls on Travel,


If you are into hikes, nature, incredible landscape, hilltops and glittering lakes search no more, the Lake District is just the perfect place to go and spend a weekend break. The Lakeland as commonly known there is the UK’s most popular national park and it is easy to understand why. Located in North-West England in Cumbria, it is also not far from the Scottish border. The visiting possibilities are endless and can be overwhelming but one thing is sure, you will embrace its beauty, whether it’s with the wellies or the sandals. 



Grasmere is something to fall in love with, whether it is with the charm of the village or its food. And yes by this I mean the Gingerbread of course! The warm and welcoming scent will just attract you there and people are queuing at all times of the day to enjoy a delicious bite of it, and OMG it was! They even claim to the world’s best ones, so something not to miss. But the place has other adorable coffee houses and houses, so make sure you walk around the village. It also boasts art galleries and some houses that are national trust open to tell their stories, like the Allan bank one. And of course, make sure you enjoy some walks in and around the village like Lakeshore or Helm Crag.



Windermere is England’s largest lake and is ten and a half miles long. This is the busiest little town of the lake district but worth a visit. With Grade II listed holiday homes, little shops and cafés make sure you stroll around. The vistas are great on the lake as the town is located on top of the hill, so make sure you look behind you.


Ambleside Waterfall

This is definitely not the easiest path to find, but once you do you will really enjoy this walk. The best place to start is the Ambleside Salutation Hotel, if you continue walking along the pavement following the one-way direction and turn left between the buildings, you will end up on a sign indicating it.  After a short walk small fenced viewing points are available to admire the view. The falls are really imposing and an amazing sight, all this for a short walk. You can then either continue the loop or head back. Either way, you will have to exit from the main viewing platform.


Ullswater Steamer

Want to do something a little bit different than hiking? Why not enjoy a boat tour of the lake! The steamers are very authentic and connect iconic walking routes of the Lake district, all this while enjoying incredible views from different angles and still being ecological. You can enjoy a 20-minute boat ride and up to 2h if you really enjoy it. Hop on in any of the stops and get off at Aira Force to enjoy the national trust waterfall and walk, at Pooley Bridge to enjoy the Farmer’s market on a Sunday or walk a section of the Ullswater way or enjoy afternoon tea at Glenridding, I especially recommend the Orangery, with an incredible view on top of it.


Although those places give you a starting point to explore the lake district, this place is just meant to wander around. So really don’t hesitate to explore hidden paths, stretch the visit to an unknown road and discover the beauty of this location. Whatever the season or weather, you will be charmed and will want to come back to explore more of it. The Lake District is also perfect for the solo travellers out there, who love outdoor trips and incredible nature in a peaceful setting. So no more excuses, jump in your car, book your hotel, and have a wonderful journey!


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