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6 Best sites and apps to travel easy
By GirlsonTravel, December 2018
6 Best sites and apps to travel easy

Dear Girls on Travel,


Did you know that so many websites and apps are actually trying to make your travelling life a lot easier? Some tools are really well done and can save you so much time and money. They will help you build the best trips, give you creative ideas, and help you become great travel planners. No more stress, no more worries, no more anxiousness! Check below the sites that I often use to help me planning and curate my trips.


For flights: Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the best sites to find flights all over the world. It compares thousands of different routes and provides great deals. It compares hundreds of airlines to give you the best combinations. You can decide what time you want to leave, how many stops you are willing to have and what airports you want to leave from. It also gives you the opportunity to choose a nearby airport for cheaper fares. Skyscanner is rated best comparison site and it is easy to understand why.


For flights: Hopper

Were you ever in a situation where you want to book your flights, but unsure whether it was the right time or whether you should wait? Hopper is the solution for that. The app predicts prices with 95% accuracy and lets you know when is the best time to buy it and when prices are likely to get higher. You can also set alerts and reminders for when to book them. If you are flexible in your travels you can also use the app to see what is the best period to go somewhere to get the cheapest prices. This is a very easy tool that will save you some money and give you great insights.


For packing: PackPoint

Stressed you will forget something for your great holiday? Not sure what to pack? Limited with your cabin allowance? PackPoint is there to help. This easy app lets you input your destination, date of travel and length, and prepares an overview of everything you can possibly pack to have a great holiday. You can delete or add items as well and send your list to friends. Never forget something anymore!


For finance: Tricount

So you are on holidays with your 2 best friends, it is the end and you start checking who paid what and when. And this is when the nightmare starts, how to divide, what to include, what to do with the prepayments etc… Tricount is a genius little app where you can input what each person paid and when and it will calculate the balance and who owns what to who. No more arguments and endless hours counting expenses!


For currencies: XE Currency

So you are somewhere abroad, really want to buy this beautiful pair of earrings but you have no idea how much they cost in your own currency and if you will overpay them. This is where XE is helping. Just choose the local currency and amount and XE will automatically take the latest exchange rate and give you an idea of the price in your own currency. The app also works offline so you can use it in the middle of the desert as well.  

For languages: Duolingo

What better way discovering a new country than talking to locals? They will make the whole experience very different and knowing some words before going somewhere can always help. Duolingo turns lessons into easy and addictive games and you can practice as from 5minutes a day. So no more excuses to practice and show your skills to the locals!


I hope you found these useful Girls on Travel!


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