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What age should I be to travel as part of a group?
By GirlsonTravel, November 2018
What age should I be to travel as part of a group?

Dear Girls on Travel,

Group travel is often associated with the words “fun”, “young”, “70+” and “single”. Think about it and imagine for one moment that your best friend is telling you “you know what, I decided to go on a group travel!”. The typical answers you would reply at this moment would be something like “But are you not going to be surrounded with post-teenagers only thinking about parties” or “Are you not worried to be bored and surrounded with elderly people?”.

The truth is that group travel is often associated with young people going on party trips or retired cruise type of travels where you gently follow the guide from place to place. And the reason for this is that up to now the market was full of travel companies targeting this age range. Group tours were either advertising fun and adventurous holidays or quiet and safe places with a fixed menu every day.

Now the good news is: this is no longer the case! The industry is changing and finally caters for the age bracket in between. So you can perfectly be 32, 46 or 59, go on a group travel, and have a fantastic time. You even do not have to be single anymore. So if hubby is too busy or has no intention to spend a week at a Yoga retreat, do not hesitate any longer and go for it! You can enjoy a wonderful time with other like-minded women that will focus on making genuine connections and friendships and will be interested in the same kind of trip.

Tour operators now cater for a variety of trips in many different destinations, so finding your ideal type of holiday should not be a hassle anymore. So whether you are more into hiking in Madeira, horse-riding in India, lying on the beach on an island in Mexico or going on a city trip to Budapest,  you can do that with other travellers around your age as well.

Group travels is slowly changing nowadays in our society and people are becoming more open-minded to the idea of sharing a trip with unknown people, as long as they feel they can connect with those people and belong to a certain age bracket. So Girls on Travel, make sure you chose the right tour operator providing the kind of travels you wish to go for and connect with amazing other people like you! 2019 Rights Reserved: Travel Wanderers Ltd ©