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Brexit Travel Update 12/09/19
By GirlsonTravel, September 2019
Brexit Travel Update 12/09/19

Dear Girls on Travel,

As the situation with Brexit keeps on changing we thought we would start regularly updating you on the latest information we have and things to be aware of. There seems to be a lot of confusion around it especially as we still don’t know whether we will leave with or without a deal and it also seems now that the day might be pushed to January, but the information below keeps you in the know on both case scenarios.


Travelling after a “no-deal” Brexit

To avoid extra border controls, passport stamps and longer queues, the government will necessarily start negotiations from November on a deal. In the meantime, the EU has already agreed that skies and airports will remain open as part of a 12 months contingency plan so we can keep travelling as usual, so no big change should happen anytime soon. This should allow you to plan your next break without too much worrying.

What happens after?

As from 2021 you will probably need a new document, the European Travel Information and Authorisation Scheme (ETIAS), to travel to Europe. But that won’t affect anyone’s plans this year or next so let’s not focus on that for now.

If we have a no-deal however, the government advice to make sure your passport is less than 10 years old and has 6 months left on it to be on the safe side.



Shall I put my holidays on hold?

There is really no need to do that, and in fact, it seems holidays booking for next summer are on the rise! Europe is one of our favourite travelling destinations, so don’t let politics hold your dreams.

What about holidays prices?

Well as the pound keeps going down, this is unfortunately not really good news for us as it means holidays in euros are more expensive.

Example: If you wanted to take 500 euros, before the referendum that would have cost you £350, now it is around £450. £100 difference, not really good news…

Also depending on the deal that we get, we might need extra travel documents. The new European Travel Information and Authorisation Scheme (ETIAS) will cost 7 euros (or currently about £6.30). But that won’t be before 2021 so no worries! We might also need an international driving permit to drive in the EU costing £5.5.


Currently, we are covered with the EHIC everywhere in Europe, meaning any insurance cost is fully reimbursed if needed on holidays.   Again, that won’t be the case anymore and maybe as soon as end October already depending on what the outcome is. No panic though, travel insurance is now as cheap as £10 per year if you go on comparison websites, so to be on the safe side just get one!


Roaming charges

What a wonderful thing we can travel everywhere in Europe without having to pay extra roaming charges! This might change as well. However, operators have said for now they have no intentions to change this, so just check your operator information to be on the safe side.


We realise as this stage it is a lot of maybe, probably, and very likely, and that we can’t really give you any guarantees but this is the best we can do for now. Unfortunately, until the government is clear on the next steps this is all the information we can provide. The good point is that travelling to Europe won’t stop and it will probably never be as much hassle as travelling to the USA, but this gives you a good overview of what you can expect so you can make the best-informed decision. 


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