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Let's plan a staycation at home!
By GirlsonTravel, April 2020
Let's plan a staycation at home!

Dear Girls on Travel,

Lately a lot of us have had to cancel or postpone trips that we were already looking forward to for a while! That beach break with a cocktail in our hands, or skiing break riding the slopes, or city trip discovering new artists. I get it, as a travel addict, staying in one place is hard, and even more so when we have no idea of when this will change, and we will be able to travel again! So instead of getting depressed, watching our past holidays pictures or spending our time on Instagram looking at bloggers’ insane travel pictures, why don’t we do something useful, something we can look forward to, and plan a little staycation at home? Here are some ideas you can do alone, with your partner or your family.


1: Watching holidays movies

So you are sick and tired of moving around in the same space? You already know by now the exact number of steps between your bathroom and your desk? Maybe it is time to escape and watch a holiday movie! Get comfy with your super soft blanket, make some popcorn, grab a glass of wine and sit in your amazing sofa. In terms of movie selection here is what I can advise. For a Greek escape and some happy tunes, go for Mamma Mia!. In need of some romance and good dancing moves, nothing better than Dirty Dancing! If you need something a bit deeper and self-reflection, definitely go for Eat Pray Love. And if you miss Paul Walker and love the sea, Into the Blue is a must-see! There are so many movies that can truly make you escape. And if you have Netflix, definitely check the International section, some lesser-known ones are absolutely fantastic.


2: Take a bubble bath

If you are lucky enough to have a bath, the chance is big you never really have the time to use it (guilty!). So now is the time to make a special moment out of it. Put some candles around it, buy some nice foam or even a bath bomb (they are great), and indulge yourself. You can even have a nice glass of wine, why not. Put some nice music on and just close your eyes and relax, you will be transported immediately.


3: Meditate

It feels like a great time to just be in the present moment. The fact is we have no idea what will happen tomorrow, everything is put on hold and no plans can really be made. Meditation has grown in popularity over the last years, but it now feels more important than ever to live in the present moment. So find space, somewhere you won’t be disturbed during your session, and put Spotify, Youtube or Calm on. Even music from other countries can really transport you and make you relax. It doesn’t have to be a long moment, you can start 10 minutes per day, but once you do this more regularly you will feel the need to practice more and more.


4: Reading

One thing I love doing on holidays is buying a few books, stay away from my phone and just relax and read. I would always read a lot, but usually business books or learning books. I now take some time for a light reading book to give that holidays feel. With all the Zoom calls lately, disconnecting from your phone and laptop feels really good. And if you want to dream about that next holidays, Conde Nast made a great selection of travel books.


5: Create a bar

Usually, holidays mean you can find that trendy bar and grab a nice cocktail appreciating the sunset by the sea. Being home doesn’t mean this has to stop! Create an area in your kitchen or table and get all the ingredients you need. Either invite the household and if you are alone ask your friends to do the same and get online. It feels like the right time to master your bartender skills and try some new cocktail recipes. And next time you get to that trendy place with an incredible cocktail list, you will know exactly what to take (without spending £15 and actually ending-up not liking it…).


6: Cooking time

I have now taken more time to cook and be more creative. Tasting new food in different countries is something I absolutely love. Accessing new recipes online is now easier than ever and it feels like the perfect time to master recipes you always wanted to try. It can take time to research new recipes and understand them so try them out. And even if you might not have other people to share this with, once this is all over, you can show your new skills when your friends come over!


I hope this was useful girls on travel! I think it is really important in those times, instead of collapsing in the couch getting depressed, to try new activities, meditate and still get active so that we don’t get mad staying in the same place. It feels like the perfect time to try new things and innovate, whether in cooking or trying a new passion like pottery. If you have any other tips don’t hesitate to share them below. 2020 Rights Reserved: Travel Wanderers Ltd ©