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The negative image of group travels.
By GirlsonTravel, July 2018
The negative image of group travels.

Dear Girls on Travel,


Talking to some people who went on group travels with various companies, the outcome of those wasn’t as positive as I had expected.


First of all, there is always this fear of not knowing. Who will the group be? Who will the people be? What age? What background? What gender? Will I get along with them? What if I don’t? A whole lot of questions remain unanswered, but you still decide to book that trip that really looks amazing. But then, some other factors you hadn’t thought of start to show up.


One of the main points that were emphasized was the group size. Some groups were bigger than 50 people. This kind of group size makes it hard to bond with people as you easily get lost in the numbers. In fact, smaller groups have something more intimidating that make you feel more confident to talk to others and gives you a feeling you actually belong in a group.


Another point mentioned was the fact that rather than being in a big group of other solo travellers, you were mixed with couples and families. So the whole solo travel trip lost complete sense as you could not mix with the group anyways.


And then finally, more than the points mentioned above, groups kept on changing from day to day. Some people were arriving, some were leaving, some were staying a few days, leaving but then coming back later, quite a chaos. The whole point of going on a group travel is to meet other like-minded people and being able to bond, create a friendship, be social, but how is that possible if people keep on changing and leaving?


Now feel reassured Girls on Travel, not all group travels are like this. Make sure you do your research, check comments and posts of people who already went on those trips and ask the relevant questions. Group travels can be intimate, in small groups where you will feel at ease and confident and travelling with the same people throughout the whole trip! 2019 Rights Reserved: Travel Wanderers Ltd ©