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Rosemarie the Travel Passionate
By GirlsonTravel, July 2019
Rosemarie the Travel Passionate

Who are you?

Name: Rosemarie Wilson

Job Title: Director

Live: London:

Relationship Status: Cohabiting

Company: Pragmatica Coaching




What is your favourite country?



What is the best food you ever had?

This is a really tough one for me I love all types of food

Feijoada topped with Farofa (a favourite Brazilian dish)


What was the best trip you ever did and why?

So many to choose from so I’ll choose my trip to Nepal.


I grew up in an environment where travelling was not common because we didn’t have the money for it. For me, the discovery of travelling was a revelation, the wonder and eye-opening adventure of it all is something that has stayed with me, so I’m always excited about travelling.


My Trek in the Himalayas to Annapurna Base Camp was an adventure I had set my sights on doing for a long time and it also marked the start of a round the world trip. I ended up at Base Camp on my birthday and celebrated with a few shots of rum that was gifted to me, the trek was one of the most incredible experiences and memorable things I’ve ever done.


How much do you go on holidays per year?

3-5 times.

I love travelling so I go away as often as I can. I also enjoy long weekends away from home.


Favourite transport?

Local Buses – You see and learn so much


Solo or group travel?



If money wasn’t an issue what kind of trip would you do?

I love nature and I’m just as happy in luxurious surroundings as I am in a simple setting.

I think an amazing warm climate staying in a lodge/cabin with an open-air shower where you can still view nature and trees. I stayed in one of these in Fiji on my round the world trip it was amazing.


Favourite part of travelling?

Arriving at the chosen destination is always amazing but I also love flying so the preparation for a trip, the journey to the airport, taking off and having Wine on the plane is always wonderful and part of the whole privileged experience.


More hotel, Airbnb, guesthouses or hostel type of traveller?

Guest House or Private Home for me


Same holidays or always new?

New adventures


Best travel advice?

Let go of what you know and your expectations, embrace the new.


Travel quote?

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