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Anna-Liisa the travel passionate
By GirlsonTravel, May 2019
Anna-Liisa the travel passionate

Who are you?

Anna-Liisa Tampuu, Head of Risk Analysis for Northcott Global Solutions and founder of SheTravel Initiative. SheTravel is an online forum for female travellers to share information and aid safe travel whatever their destination.


I live in London.


What is your favourite country?

My favourite countries/cities are places that I love at the moment in time for different reasons. I fall in love with destinations that I can relate to somehow at the particular time of my life. Berlin is beautiful and cool in the summer, there is something melancholic about Italy, especially Florence in autumn.  I have been privileged to see some remote areas of Africa during deployments and I suppose the favourite place for me to be is still in London, in the UK. And my home country, Estonia, always has a special place in my heart.


What is the best food you ever had?

Oven cooked salmon made by my father.


What was the best trip you ever did and why?

I have had many inspiring trips and memories. But the one that stands out for me was deployment to Burkina Faso, it was both professionally and personally challenging and a meaningful trip.


How much do you go on holidays per year?

I like to go travelling often and for short trips. I usually go once a month, even if it is just for a few days.


Favourite transport?

Trains. I think there is something old fashioned and romantic about trains.


Solo or group travel?

Both.  I enjoy travelling on my own as it gives me time and freedom to look for inspiration, to go at my own pace, to seek for clarity of mind. I am also lucky to have a group of fantastic friends, we travel together at least a couple of times per year.


If money wasn’t an issue what kind of trip would you do?

I’d rather believe in working hard and finding the time. I would like to take my father and brother to Vietnam, and my mother to all the places she wants to revisit. I would like to go to Alaska and Antarctica amongst many other destinations on my list.


Favourite part of travelling?

The moment at the airport when I have my black travel luggage, a cup of coffee and a new book. Then I know I am ready for the next journey.


More hotel, Airbnb, guesthouses or hostel type of traveller?

I prefer hotels, I have always been fascinated by hotels.


Same holidays or always new?

Again, I like doing both. There are some places I like going back to. I particularly enjoy the Canary Islands early in the year when the weather in London is still quite wintery but with 4,5 hours, I can be reminded that there is still ocean and sun out there. It is a reminder that spring is not far away. And I like discovering new countries and cultures, there is a lot to learn from every destination and travel.


Best travel advice?

Be prepared and trust your gut feeling. If you are going somewhere new, always do your research and keep your trusted contact informed about your itinerary. Safety first.


Travel quote?

Ernest Hemingway:

 “I had an inheritance from my father,

It was the moon and the sun.

And though I roam all over the world,

The spending of it’s never done.”

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