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Verity the travel passionate
By GirlsonTravel, October 2019
Verity the travel passionate

Who are you?

Verity Brown

Life and business coach

Lake District, UK

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What is your favourite country?



What is the best food you ever had?

 Monkey fingers from Meatliquor 


What was the best trip you ever did and why?

 2 months travelling around Cambodia, Vietnam and India. It was my first time out of US and Europe, I went on my own and I did so much healing and saw so much beauty. 


How much do you go on holidays per year?

 Several months per year


Favourite transport?

 Boat (not a tiny one though!)


Solo or group travel?

 Go somewhere solo but join a group for some of the trip 


If money wasn’t an issue what kind of trip would you do?

 Start at Mexico and work my way down to Argentina over 6 months. 


Favourite part of travelling?

 Meeting locals and learning their stories, language and culture


More hotel, Airbnb, guesthouses or hostel type of traveller?

Never done a hostel, more of a hotel and Airbnb girl


Same holidays or always new?



Best travel advice?

Be aware but not scared. We are all human beings trying to share a planet, trust your instincts but also have an open heart with the strangers you meet. 


Travel quote? 

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher 2019 Rights Reserved: Travel Wanderers Ltd ©