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Travelling facts you didn't know about
By GirlsonTravel, December 2018
Travelling facts you didn't know about

Dear Girls on Travel,


Did you know any of these travelling facts?


1: There are 93 million selfies taken in the world each day.

2: Only 4% of all the world’s languages are spoken by 96% of its population

3: Russia is actually bigger than Pluto.

4: France is the most visited country in the world.

5: In 2017 Bangkok was the most visited city in the world.

6: Studies show that money spent on holidays actually makes you happier than money spent on material goods.

7: Women who go on holidays at least twice a year have a significantly lower risk of suffering a heart attack than those who travel every six years or so.

8: An introvert is more likely to choose to travel to the mountains for vacation, while an extrovert is more likely to travel to the beach.

9: The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world.

10: The longest flight in the world is from Dallas to Sydney, 16hours and 50 minutes.

11: Some people actually experience hodophobia, or the fear of travelling or road travelling.

12: Germans actually have a word for intense urge to travel or far sickness: fernweh

13: Chinese tourist spend more than any other outbound travellers, they spent 261 billion dollars in 2016.

14: One-third of the world’s airport is located in the USA.

15: Cambodia has the biggest number of public holidays: 28 days.

16: Pilots are co-pilots have to eat different meals during work in case of food poisoning.

17: 60% of the world’s lakes are located in Canada.

18: Swiss eat 19.4 pounds of chocolate per year, the biggest consumption in the world.

19: In the vineyard of Dora Sarchese in Abruzzo, visitors can enjoy a red wine fountain available for free 24h.

20: In the 60 seconds you read this article, 3.7 million Google searches were done, 38 million Whatsapp messages were sent and 187 million emails were received.


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