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What happens on group travel?
By GirlsonTravel, February 2019
What happens on group travel?

Dear Girls on Travel,

It seems that often, more sometimes than the fear of going alone, you worry about the group you will get to spend your holiday with. What if I do not get along and end-up alone? What if the trip becomes a nightmare? What if I want some “me” time? What if I want different activities? What if I don’t want to go to the restaurant every day?


Don’t worry, those questions you are wondering are absolutely normal. In fact, it would even be weird if you were not thinking about them.


First of all, you are travelling with people you do not know beforehand. And although this can be scary, this also has some advantages. On the contrary of going with your friends Janet and Emma who will not have any boundaries as you know each other for so long and do as they wish, your new travel partners Eliza and Millie will make sure things are discussed on beforehand and that everybody is happy with the decision made. You love pizza but Millie is on a diet? Not a problem, let’s find an Italian restaurant and combine pizza and salad. You want to visit the whole day and Eliza prefers some beach time, let’s plan the day accordingly. Not knowing people beforehand can have advantages as everybody will respect each other’s boundaries.


Second, do not forget you are travelling with different girls that have different backgrounds. In a group of 4, 6, 8 or 12 people what is the chance you do not get along with anybody? So unless you are the most anti-social person (but then why would you consider such a trip?), the chance is close to 0% that you do not get along with at least someone. You probably will not be best friends with everybody but you are travelling with women who are keen on discovering the same country and culture as you do, this will automatically also get you closer as you have this common goal.


Third, you are dying for some “me” time? This is absolutely fine! No need to feel guilty about it. Just tell the group and enjoy, after all this is your holiday, feel free to do as it pleases you. If travelling with like-minded people is your thing but at the same time you also enjoy your own time, well just go for it, everybody can understand that.


Then, also realise the advantages of group travel offer. As a solo traveller, you are more limited in the places you can go to. Group travel gives that flexibility of going to a lot more places than you would on your own as you have group safety. This means that you can go for that drink at night or dance club for example. But also, who would take that amazing picture of yourself otherwise? Who would you be able to talk about your next dream holiday to? Who would you borrow an amazing evening dress you forgot from? Just think how empowering it can be with other solo women travellers and what amazing moments you can share.


And finally, those trips are unique. You will travel with like-minded people keen on discovering new countries and adventures. You are gathered on this trip for a reason, and that is to share an incredible experience. But the nice part is that rather going solo or with your friends, you will be surrounded by very interesting women from all types of background. This is an amazing experience that will make you more open-minded as well. Diversity is something incredible and group travel is the best way to experience it. You will be with women that have a completely different life than yours, who have jobs you only heard of, who are coming from cultures you are keen to learn more about and this has so much value. So laugh, smile, cry, run, jump, take selfies, eat, sleep, drink, dance… do you know any better ways to make new amazing friendships?


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