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Why share a room during group travel
By GirlsonTravel, February 2019
Why share a room during group travel

Dear Girls on Travel,


One of the reasons group travel puts you off is the fact that you need to share a room with someone you don’t know. Reasons for this might be that you are not comfortable, or you are not a heavy sleeper and don’t want the snoring, or you need your privacy or own space. You might have your own arguments, but let me demonstrate what you will actually miss on!

1)          The fun happens at night

So you had an amazing day exploring different areas, walking everywhere and doing all kinds of activities. You finally arrive at your hotel, glad you can rest and relax but also start the debrief of the day of course! Confidence is always best at night when relaxed, you can talk about your feelings, what you liked or not, what you are looking forward to and get to know your travel companion. This is actually the basis of starting a friendship, getting personal and sharing stories and will only get you closer.

2)         Because you are a snoozer

The following day is early wake-up as you have a day packed with activities, ouch… And you are not really the early bird type and more of a snoozer until the last moment. Well, again you will be really glad to share the room with someone who can wake you up and motivate you to get ready and especially appreciate that amazing breakfast hotels are offering!

3)         Because you never know what to wear

It is already hard enough at home to know what to wear every day, but in a different country and completely different weather this seems like a nightmare. Sneakers or hiking shoes? Dress or trousers? Hat or beanie? Well, again your room companion might be really good advice and give you some tips. You will be able to look together what options you have and what might be best for the day. One less thing to worry about!

4)        You start to feel sick

You suddenly don’t feel really well, you are warm and cold, muscles sore, that does not look really good. The only thing you want is to stay in bed and relax. The advantage of your room companion is that she will be able to take care of you. Bring some medicine if needed, some warm tea, let the rest of the group know without you having to face them all and in worst cases call a doctor. You will feel a lot more relaxed knowing that someone is taking good care of you rather than having to face all this alone. Knowing that someone will be there in case things get worst can be really reassuring in countries you don’t know.

5)          You have massive FOMO

If you are like me and suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), having a room companion will definitely help. So instead of staying with the group the whole night just because of this FOMO, if you are exhausted and want to get back to your room, knowing someone will also be there will calm you down and make you think about something else, which means no more fears, a good night sleep, and a fresh start!


As a general rule, these should be the guidelines to follow when you share a room:

• maintain good levels of tidiness and avoid the tendency to spread out too much
• travel reasonably light – you and your room-mate both need to unpack, hang-up and put away
• keep mobile phone usage to a minimum particularly during normal sleep hours (and that means phones on silent mode and alarms off)
• similarly, don’t keep the lights on to read until the early hours or bring a little reading lamp
• don’t hog the power sockets when recharging your gadgets
• keep the noise down, particularly if your sharer isn’t an early riser, use earphones if listening to music or watching a movie on your iPad
• don’t use all the towels; leave the bathroom as you’d like to find it
• return to your room quietly if you’re a night owl or like a few drinks at the bar before turning in
• bear in mind that your roommate might not be quite as modest or uninhibited as you when changing
• adhere to accepted norms of personal hygiene and behaviour


So if you do that, respect each other and remain positive, there is no reason why sharing a room should be a problem. Most of the things are just common sense, and the friendship you will get out of this will be worth the little compromises you will have to make.

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