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Why travelling with women is a good idea
By GirlsonTravel, August 2018
Why travelling with women is a good idea

Dear Girls on Travel,


Some of you might be wondering “why women-only trips”? “Why not mixed travel groups if it is anyways to be with other people”? “Why should I consider this”? Or even “I am not a feminist and don’t mind going on trips with guys”.


This is all true of course. And as much as we love them and don’t want them to be excluded we also sometimes just want to have a good girls time! Think about it, when you go on holidays with couples and friends, who usually go shopping with you? Who can you talk about cosmetics, politics or troubles with? Who will be assisting you in choosing between the grey or green outfit after deciding that pink and red was no longer trendy? Who will listen to your stories about company politics and how you cannot play with them? Who will make sure you go on a 5k run after the 2 doughnuts you just had? Who will advise best on who you should recruit as your next social media expert? Well, that’s right, your faithful and trustworthy female friends! And there is nothing wrong with this, this is why we love them and need that time.


The truth is I miss my best friends. Not living in the same country does not make things easy for those catch-ups and I am not even talking about the new-borns in their lives. This is exactly why I need those girly trips. I need to be able to escape where and when I want to and just be spontaneous. And I’d love to connect with other like-minded women and make new crazy friendships. I am actually looking forward to meeting new people, lie on the beach with a cocktail or explore the last trendy museum!


I think by now you got it. We have nothing against guys and love having them around, but it also just feels good to have some girls time. And this is what girls group tours are about, having fun, leaving with strangers and coming back with new amazing friends!

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