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Why women should go travelling solo
By GirlsonTravel, November 2019
Why women should go travelling solo

Dear Girls on Travel,

In the age of female empowerment, it is not surprising that more and more women decide to travel solo. And this seems to even increase for younger generations. In the UK alone, 75% of gen Z have already been backpacking or plan to go, compared to 67% of men (Hostelworld data).The reasons behind this increase? It really varies depending on the situation. For some women it will be about seizing that moment, not wanting to wait for others to do something. For others, it will be a need for a change of scenery. Tired of the same place, job and people and needing that extra excitement. For others, it will be after breaking up and realising they need time to rediscover themselves.

The reasons vary depending on the situations but solo woman travel is on the rise year after year. There is this need of being selfish, rediscovering yourself, feeling empowered and believing you can do it. The internet is now also full of useful resources and the myths about solo travel for women are finally being disproved. The access to information, whether search tools, bloggers or Facebook groups has given us the courage to pursue our dreams and make us realise we can actually do it.

But why exactly should you go travelling solo? What are the benefits? Why should you consider it if you haven’t?

1) The Freedom

Going with friends and family can come with a lot of rules and compromises. But solo travel means you get to eat where, what and whenever you want. You have your own schedule and free to do whatever you want during the day. You choose your activities yourself as well as your programme. The counter to this, of course, is that you can’t blame anybody else if you miss your train or struggle with maps, but if you can live with that, nothing else will give you so much freedom. You are not a morning person and prefer starting your day in the afternoon, not a problem! Or on the contrary, you are an early bird and want to enjoy really long days? You won’t bother anybody waking up at 6am! As said, total freedom.

2) The People

Are you worried to get lonely at some point? Depending on the length of your travel, this is a feeling you might feel at some point. 2 solutions for this! You can either join a group travel and extend it with a solo journey by yourself so that you know you have people to rely on and can spend part of the trip getting to know others without getting too much out of your comfort zone. The second point is that even during solo travel, you are never really solo if you don’t want to be. Plenty of other travellers are in the same situation and you will always be able to meet them and have a chat or even share part of the journey. Apps are now created to facilitate connections as well. You will meet incredible people during your travel journey and locals are also always keen to discuss with travellers and discover your background. The people is usually what will make your holidays even better and you might embark on new journeys you would have never thought about.

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3) The confidence

The most difficult part will be to actually book your plane ticket. You will have thousands of reasons not to do so or postpone the purchase. But once this is done, there is no turning back. And the more you will experience solo travel, the better you will get and the higher your confidence will grow. You might want to start your solo journey joining a travel group and see how that goes. That might be the first step you take before deciding the next trip will be fully solo. It can then just be a weekend somewhere close by as a taster. And once you know you are capable of doing this, the world has no more limits! Your confidence will grow during each trip as you discover more about yourself, what you want and not, what you are willing to do or not.

4) Resourceful

This also goes with the confidence part actually, but travel always comes with surprises and things will not always happen the way you planned them. This will also show you how resourceful you can actually be. Panicking in situations where you missed a bus or ended-up in the wrong place has no point. This is where your creativity will kick-in and where you will realise you are capable of finding solutions to your problems and ways to overcome the challenge you are facing. And this is a really valuable skill to have, in all situations in life.

Solo travel is such an empowering journey. It is an incredible experience of self-discovery, of confidence boost and realising that if we can do that, there is so much more we can achieve as well! You will feel proud of yourself after achieving your first solo travel and it is memories that stick with you forever. As Icarus said: “All limits are self-imposed".

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