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Why you should do group travel tours
By GirlsonTravel, January 2019
Why you should do group travel tours

Dear Girls on Travel,


Are you wondering whether group travel tours is actually for you? Are you normally more of a solo traveller and unsure whether a group could be a nice option? Or you have never experienced solo or group travel but you are now considering it? Read on to find more whether group travel tours would be the right choice for you.


1: Relationship experience

Most people usually consider group travel in order to not have to travel alone. Solo travel, although a great experience, can also be a lonely journey. Not everybody feels comfortable wandering around places on their own, taking all decisions by themselves or having to eat alone at a restaurant table. But the real benefit of group travel is the relationship blossom that will actually occur. There is a sense of companionship that arises from it and enhances friendships in incredible ways. So quite soon you will feel like you have always been friends, bonding will be created and this often lasts well after the trip. Travels really bring people together as there is a sense of belonging somewhere. Unique experiences are shared in a particular environment that favours that as well. You will come across situations you will have to face together, experiences you will never forget and unique memories you will always remember. And whatever you are experiencing, you will want to share it with someone who is close to you at that time. You will feel really good about being able to share it with someone else who actually experienced it with you and be able to talk hours about it. And this can only be really understood by people who were with you at that time. So whether it is this incredible sunset on Holbox island, getting lost in the souks of Marrakech or reaching the highest peak on the island of Madeira, sharing those experiences with other like-minded women will give you a great feeling.


I remember a particular group travel tour I attended in Guatemala. Visiting Tikal, reaching the top of the ruin to see spectacular views and letting the guide take huge spiders and put them right next to our faces for pictures is something I will never forget. We talked about it for hours with the group and created great pictures that always give me a great feeling when I see them again. During that moment there was just something between us and a real sense of belonging that can only happen during travels.


2: Safety

Another reason you would consider group travel is because you might not feel at ease going in particular countries by yourself. Going as part of a group can be really reassuring and also means more freedom. You will be able to walk at night more easily, not have to worry about taking a taxi alone and just, in general, be less of a target for attention. Thieves, for instance, are a lot less likely to target a group and men will refrain from catcalling. This also means that you will be able to explore the country a lot more in depth and have fewer barriers. You will not have to constantly wonder whether you can go to this place or should do this activity as you will have travel buddies for that. And just this will make you more at ease and you will be able to enjoy the experience even further.


Another safety point is being sick. It can always happen that you suddenly feel really sick and in those moments being in an unknown country is never the best feeling. But again, if you are with other women as part of a group they will make sure you get the best care and medicine and they will try and help you in all the ways they can which feel really reassuring.


During one of my trips, I got food poisoning that made me extremely sick. It was really warm and humid, I couldn’t eat and even drink water which made me really scared. But being surrounded by great people I got taken to a doctor who could help me. Those people made sure I had all the relevant medicine I needed and were regularly checking on me to see whether I needed something. I can’t even imagine experiencing this on my own.


3: Money Saving

Yes, money is a big factor to consider as well. I guess you heard about the single supplement? Well, this is the best way to avoid it. The price you would normally pay for a room is divided by 2 making it more attractive and also meaning you get better hotels. Group travel tours have better deals which means you have more money to spend on food, drinks or experiences. Think about that!

4: Environmental impact

This is something really important to me. Carbon footprint is quite bad if you travel in all honesty. So if you can find ways to reduce it once you are at the destination it is always a good thing and group travel definitely helps with that. You can share taxis or book mini-vans for instance to travel within the country rather than a self-drive car where you will be alone. Even if it is on a small scale any effort counts.


I hope this overview makes you understand better what you can expect from group travel tours and why it might be a good idea to consider it. And if you are still hesitating, I guess the best thing to do is experiencing it and making your own mind about it! And if you want to take it a step further and you are wondering “why women group travel tours” then check this blog post, it will help you understand further what it means and all the advantages.


Let us know what you think about group travel tours Girls on Travel! Comment below.


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